1. Hello.

Want to say, "Hi?" Email me at: tonybui@tonybuifanclub.com

Short Story: I own Genuine Haha and also do freelance Illustration work.

Long Story: My name is Tony Bui. I was born in Northern California in the 80s, a time when cereal and cartoons ruled my Saturday mornings. In 2007, I graduated San Jose State University with a BFA in Illustration and Animation. In 2010, I made the move to Southern California to pursue opportunities in the illustration and art industry. I returned back to San Jose to be closer to family and still committed to growing my career and passion. It has been a fun ride.

All my work is character driven. Every character I get to create/ design is a new friend that I make along the way. My sense of design is heavily inspired by graphic elements and clean shapes. I take that same concept and apply it to non-character work to give every design a personality. Below is a list of clients I have worked/published with —

Artisan Creative
Bonfire Media
Bottleneck Art Gallery
Buddy Media
Buffalo Studios
Disney’s Spoonful
Discovery Channel’s Unchained Reaction
Dirty Robber
Lakeshore Learning Materials
Meteor Games
Nitto Tire
Present Creative
Seasonal Vision International